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Private Rocky

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The Rocky Story

Private Rockwell “Rocky” Pond hails from Leominster Ma. Where he lived on the 
third floor of 98 West Street, which is now the Leominster Senior Center parking 
lot. Rocky attended Saxon Trade School and specialized in metal works.  Like 
many lads his age he only made it to the middle of his senior year when he 
volunteered for service during the Korean War. While in Korea he fought in many 
battles to include the Chosen Reservoir. Private “Rocky” once spent three long 
winter months on the ice at Chosen Reservoir fighting the enemy and fighting the 
bitter cold. During his third month, as spring neared, the ice began to thaw and 
Private Rockwell Pond fell thru the ice but was saved by his fellow soldiers.

After the war Rocky returned home to Leominster and found employment at 
Leominster Ice Company where he worked for many years. Rocky’s favorite past 
time has always been fishing including ice fishing. It was the middle of March 
1954 while he was ice fishing on the pond off of West Street and a group of kids 
were skating near by, when one of them fell thru the ice. Without any hesitation 
Rocky raced over to where the youngster went down, searched under the ice till 
he found him and pulled him to safety.
As a result of his heroic action the City of Leominster renamed the pond off of 
West Street to “Rockwell Pond” in his honor.
Passed Winning Dates and Times

2012 - 2/22 11:17 PM
2013 - 3/30 06:45 AM

2014 - 4/04   1:40 PM

2015 - 4/07   2:53 PM
2016 - 2/29   4:30 PM
2017 - 2/26 09:30 AM
2018 - 2/22 12:00 AM
2019 - 3/23 09:57 AM
2020 - 2/27 11:08 AM


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